Upload Videos to Amz

01. Go to your order on the Amz platform.

02. Click Write a customer revew in the Customer Reviws section.

03. Write a comment, no need to mention how you got this mic because we only focus on how the quality of the music itself is but not others.

04. Upload the music video.

05. There might be issues regarding copyright with your music here on the Amz system, if so they will blocked your video from posting. Therefore, we strongly suggest you create some good melodies yourself.

06. Make sure to check the other day to see if the video has been uploaded successfully.

07. You are obliged to ensure that the video is uploaded successfully.

08. Here's a tip, you can upload a very short video first, like 2 seconds video, after it shows up, then change the video to be a professional music one.

09. You will send us the link of the music video after is shown on Amz, if not, then the whole protocol is not yet finished.

10. We appreciate your contribution to the music community.

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