Talent Moment

A swell of emotion,

Live for the present,

Sing along with every word,

Seize the moment,


1. How to Proceed

    • Kick off by expressing your interest in joining the project and sharing your channel links.

    • Subsequently, within a year, produce and upload a video on your channel.

    • Following that, within the same year, once your video accumulates 100 comments, inform us.

    • As an exclusive promotional incentive for your video, we will allocate $1000 for the video promotion, coupled with a $500 bonus for you.

    • We welcome and encourage you to recommend more artists to participate in this event, you'll receive a $100 reward for each successful referral.

    • Click here to Sign Up , or feel free to contact our team to learn more about this project.


2. Video Expectations

    • Unleash your unique talent and creativity in the video. Go beyond a basic unboxing review and present a standout moment that encapsulates the essence and emotion of your performance.

    • The video should be recorded using our device.

    • Ensure to include "TzAudios" in your video title. In the description, provide links to both https://tzaudios.com/ and the specific item.


3. Comments Expectations

    • The commenting requirements are as follows: A minimum of 100 comments is needed on YouTube. For the other platforms mentioned below, 500 valid comments are required.

    • Ensure that these comments are from distinct individuals and focus on discussions related to the microphone, recording process, or sound quality.

    • Clarification: Comments from different individuals mean that, for instance, if one person posts 10 comments, we will count it as one comment.


4. Digital Media Platforms and Comment Requirements

    • YouTube: 100

    • Reddit: 500

    • TikTok: While we welcome video posts on TikTok, comments there cannot be counted.

    • Instagram: We welcome video posts on Instagram, but comments there cannot be counted.

    • YouTube Shorts: We welcome video posts on YouTube Shorts, but comments there cannot be counted.

    • YouTube Live: We welcome video posts on YouTube Live, but comments there cannot be counted.

    • Facebook: We welcome video posts on Facebook, but comments there cannot be counted.

    • If you use other platforms, please let us know, and we'll check them out. We reserve the right to reject unknown platforms.


5. Disbursement Schedule

    • Upon completion, We will invest $1000 to boost your video within 60 days.

    • Upon completion, a bonus reward of $500 will be issued to you.


6. Miscellaneous

    • For videos that already meet the criteria, we will set a one-month observation period. After this month, once we confirm that the video meets all our requirements, we will then proceed with the next steps.

    • We retain the right to download or repost the video.

    • We reserve the right to conduct further investigations into the details of the entire process, and participants are obligated to cooperate.

    • If fraudulent activities are detected during the process, we reserve the right to terminate the collaboration. We reserve the right to pursue indefinitely. If cheating is detected, the individual will be added to the scammer list , and we also reserve the right to take legal action.

    • Terms and agreements are subject to possible modifications.


7. Q&A

    • Q: Why host this event?

        • A: We aim to use our own efforts to discover and encourage a group of artists who share a common passion with us.

    • Q: What do I gain from this event?

        • A: Through our promotion fund, your video will receive significant promotion, and you will also receive a cash reward of $500. More importantly, you become part of a community that shares our common beliefs.

    • Q: Will this approach achieve its purpose?

        • A: We're not certain. We are also attempting to connect with artists worldwide in some way. If you have better suggestions, please let us know.

    • Q: How do you ensure fairness? What if someone cheats?

        • A: To ensure fairness and compliance, we have instituted a one-month observation period. Furthermore, we reserve the right to pursue indefinitely. In the event of detected cheating, the individual will be added to the scammer list, and we also retain the right to take legal action.

    • Q: What if you cannot run the ad on the channel?

        • A: In such a case:

          • Upon meeting the conditions, an initial payment of $500 will be issued. Within 30 days, you are required to use this sum for advertising the video and provide us with receipts and screenshots of the advertising results.

          • Upon completing the first step, a second payment of $500 will be processed. You are again expected to allocate this amount for video advertising within 30 days and submit receipts and screenshots of the advertising outcomes.

    • Q: How are funds distributed?

        • A: Provide us with your PayPal or wire transfer information for bonus.


Click here to Sign Up .


8. Other Projects

    • Mic Application

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    • Associates Program

        Some individuals may want to share this item with friends. We are eager to support them in any way possible. >>more detail


We look forward to working with talented and passionate creators like you. Let's make this Talent Moment unforgettable!

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