Q: What's your motive? I mean, if you're not getting any benefits, why organize these activities?

A: We've always had a grand dream, much like Elon Reeve Musk. Right now, our primary goal is to gather a group of people who share our ideals and vision. It may sound unrealistic, but the good news is, as of now (2024), we've been persevering for 4 years and have already had over 500 creators join this initiative. We hope to keep going. We firmly believe that talent is the most valuable asset in this world.

Q: In order to ensure that those who are truly passionate and have put in significant effort are recognized and valued, what measures do you have in place to maintain fairness while being inclusive of everyone who wants to participate?

A: If someone who has not contributed can easily enter our community, it is extremely unfair to those who are truly passionate and have worked hard for it. More importantly, it would render the efforts we’ve put into building this community meaningless. We do not exclude anyone; however, we must ensure that those who genuinely belong to this community remain. We reserve the right to take any necessary actions against those who would disrupt our community.

Q: Why not just ship the product directly to me? Wouldn't that be simpler?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have stock on hand. More importantly, Amazon has excellent global distribution and after-sales service, so we choose to partner with Amazon.

Q: Can orders from any platform be refunded?

A: Just a heads up, we only issue refunds for mics bought through our official spots like the TZ US Dealer, TZ JP Dealer, TZ Dealer, or TZ Audio Distributions.

Q: If I want to participate in the Talent Moment event, what do I need to do first?

A: You need to inform us of your intention, either through the service email, our colleague's email, or through the registration page. Once the video is ready, it’s best to have our team review it to ensure it meets the participation requirements. This way, you can minimize your potential losses, as you can make any necessary modifications early if it doesn't meet the criteria.

Q: Are there any specific requirements for the content?

A: Just keep it real with our mic and let your creativity flow!

Q: Why do you have so many critics? Are their complaints valid?

A: Well, if you've got a knack for independent thinking, you'll soon realize the internet is a wild ride. It's like a treasure trove of valuable insights and talents, sprinkled with a bit of gossip and the occasional wild theory. We're on a mission to champion the truly gifted while giving the cold shoulder to the naysayers. We've got a collection of those "keyboard warriors" comments, and let me tell you, some of them could moonlight as stand-up comedians. They sure know how to work the online crowd, but we're not falling for it. Our microphone is reserved for the genuine, the talented, and the earnest creators who just need their moment to shine!

Q: I already own one of your microphones. Can I still apply for a refund?

A: Only individuals who have received an invitation or have pre-registered for the event within one year are eligible to participate. If you do not meet these criteria but still wish to join the event, you can inform our team members, and we will try to apply to the company on your behalf.

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