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Welcome to TzAudios - Your Gateway to Talent Memories

As one of Techzoneaudioproducts' distributors, TzAudios has more than 20 teams, with a total of over 400 employees spread across regions such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, the Philippines, Singapore, India, Japan, China, and the Middle East. We have always been committed to fostering a culture of freedom within the company, and the impact of the pandemic has only strengthened our resolve in this commitment. Everyone who joins our team, regardless of where they come from, shares a common goal: to work together towards the company's grand vision. Throughout this process, we have found comfort in each other, hoping for mutual support and engaging in meaningful endeavors together.

TzAudios will connect you to your best memories and the ones still to come with timeless pieces for every talent

At TzAudios, we believe that talent has the power to transport us through time, connecting us with our fondest memories and unlocking a world of emotions. Our mission is to craft unforgettable audio experiences that resonate with your soul and accompany you on your journey through life.

Discover our collection of timeless audio masterpieces designed to showcase every talent, and let us be the backdrop to your future moments of greatness!

We're always striving to improve and evolve, so we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], or contact Techzoneaudioproducts. Let's create beautiful talent moments together!

Talent Moment

A swell of emotion,

Live for the present,

Sing along with every word,

Seize the moment,

Celebrate the connections of us,

Whatever TzAudios is to you,

We have something to suit your vibe.


If the specified video garners 100 comments from distinct individuals, we will allocate $1000 for the video promotion, accompanied by a $500 bonus for you.>>Talent Moment

We are honored to feature Youtubers or Tiktokors with whom we have successfully collaborated.


Let us know if you are interested in it.

Alternatively, you can click here to Sign Up directly.


Claim Products: If you happen to be in need of a pro audio mic for your recordings, it's good timing, right? The item is free but we don't cover all the fees and we have conditions, if you agree.>>More Detail

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me


Take My Breath Away




Teaser of New Composition


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