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Welcome to TzAudios - Your Gateway to Talent Memories

Welcome to TZ Audio - Your Gateway to Talent Memories with our Stellar series of condenser microphones.

At TZ Audio, we believe that talent has the power to transport us through time, connecting us with our fondest memories and unlocking a world of emotions. Our mission is to craft unforgettable audio experiences that resonate with your soul and accompany you on your journey through life. Using Stellar X3 or Stellar X2 you may be able to boost your craft into higher levels with high fidelity recordings to document your moments.

Discover our collection of timeless audio masterpieces designed to showcase every talent, and let us be the backdrop to your future moments of greatness! Stellar X3, Stellar X2, Stellar X2 Vintage are awaiting your review by TZ Audio.

For a taste of what we offer, explore our engaging TikTok channel: TzAudioUS. Many artist demonstrate the high quaility of our Stellar series microphones. We celebrate the diverse range of talents and provide inspiring content that ignites your creativity and thank all these artist for taking precious time to record their talent for us to witness using their Stellar microphones by TZ Audio. Please take a bit of your time and see some of our wonderful collaborators.

We, at TZ Audio, implore you to look at our products. We are a small company trying to make it in very big world of audio equipment. Our Stellar X3 microphone has been compared to Neumann and Shure with amazing results showing that the fidelity of our less expensive microphones are of similar recording quality.

We're always striving to improve and evolve, so we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Let's create beautiful talent moments together!

Information Transparency

We understand that there may be misunderstandings surrounding our intentions.

However, the reality is that our genuine dedication lies in assisting aspiring artists and fostering a trustworthy environment.

To uphold transparency, we've put together a list of individuals with whom we've faced challenges during our collaborations:

Please click here for a record of scammers we have encountered over the years.

Please click here for those individuals who, when their threats fail, resort to attacking us.

For Honor!

Talent Moment

A swell of emotion,

Live for the present,

Sing along with every word,

Seize the moment,

Celebrate the connections of us,

Whatever TZ Audio is to you,

We have a Stellar X3 or Stellar X2 to suit your vibe.


If the certain video garners 100 comments from unique individuals, we will offer you 200 USD as a promotion bonus for promoting this video. Moreover, one Stellar X3 microphone will be provided under certain conditions (additional costs are not covered).

We are honored to feature Youtubers or Tiktokors with whom we have successfully collaborated.

Are you intrigued and want to learn more about the process? We eagerly await your message and look forward to potentially working together with our Stellar X3 and Stellar X2 microphones!

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
Take My Breath Away
Teaser of New Composition
The French Family Band Pop Up Show
Some Day
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