We respect everyone and enjoy their unique perspectives of the world as showcased through their videos.

Some people may have speculation about whether we are scammers, but in reality, it's quite the opposite. Due to the scammers we encountered, we have lost a significant amount of time and money, and most importantly, we have lost trust.

The individuals on these lists are those who, after gaining trust and reaping benefits, fail to fulfill their responsibilities. In traditional terms, they could be described as scammers.

    • Prior to collaborating, we are open to discussing each individual's situation and working together to find suitable solutions.

    • We recognize that producing an exceptional video can take months, and we're prepared to wait up to a year if necessary.

    • We firmly believe that keeping promises is a fundamental principle of human society, and failing to do so must come with consequences. This is the essence of our great American spirit.

    • Every time we add a name to this list, we experience disbelief, confusion, disappointment, and frustration. We may even wonder if something has happened to them or if their email has been compromised.

    • In fact, we hope they bring this matter to the court and let the court bring justice.

Our goal is to promote world peace and bring together talented individuals to contribute to the community.

For Honor!


These individuals on the list are people we will never collaborate with again, that's for sure.

However, the reason for publicly disclosing them is that when people who trusted the attackers' rumors come to question us, it takes a significant amount of time for us to explain. Maintaining this information transparency can save us a lot of time.

To be honest, we don't want to have too much interaction with these people. Additionally, to protect their privacy, we will keep the list hidden.

If a sufficient number of requests for disclosure are made, we will also respect their opinions and make all the lists public again.



****Hidden 34 Individuals****





Revised Mar 01, 2023

Names were added here by mistake? Please contact us with evidence.

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