To shop on Amazon's international websites, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the appropriate Amazon website based on your location:

2. Search for the item for example Condenser Mic X3.

3. Select your region and the corresponding Amz shop.

4. Verify if Amazon can deliver the item to your address and check the shipping cost.

Tip: Having a friend who lives in the region and is willing to help can be a great advantage.

If Amazon cannot deliver the item to your location and you still wish to receive it, we can arrange for the item to be sent by the closest distributor. However, please note that you would be responsible for covering the distributor's service fee, shipping charges, customs clearance fees, and PayPal service fees in advance. The calculation for the payment is as follows:

(349.99 * 10% + shipping charges + customs clearance fee) * (1 + 8%) = total amount due in advance

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