A Step-by-Step Guide

This is a standalone project, separate from Talent Moment Project.


1. Video Expectations

    • Showcase your unique talent and creativity in your video. Go beyond a simple unboxing review and give us a standout moment that captures the essence and emotion of your performance.

    • All languages are welcome. Share any details about your talent and feel free to use the microphone for the best recording quality.

    • Be aware of copyright issues on the platform. (If you can avoid copyright problems, that's acceptable for us)

    • You will retain the copyright of your track if it's featured in the video.

    • The video should be recorded using our device and have a duration of approximately 5 minutes. This can be achieved through either a single 5-minute video or by combining multiple videos totaling up to 5 minutes.


2. Obtaining the Item

    • We've chosen Amazon as our agent for their outstanding delivery and after-sales service. Please verify that the product is available in your region and order from an authorized dealer: TZ US Dealer , TZ JP Dealer , TZ Dealer , or TZ Audio Distributions .

    • To obtain the product, order it directly from Amazon and provide us with the order ID and PayPal or wire transfer information to receive your reimbursement.

    • After the order ID, you'll receive half of the amount of the product. The second half will be provided after the videos are completed. Amazon vendor fulfillment and distributor fees, PayPal fees, taxes, and shipping are not covered. >>Click here for the math

    • We work with individuals in nearly every time zone around the world, so allow up to 2 business days after the Amazon payment is complete for the first half of the reimbursement to be processed. In some cases, it may take longer.


3. Completing the Protocol

    • Videos are expected to be completed within 3 months and shared across as many channels as possible. Please include "TzAudios" in your video title. In the description, add a link to both https://tzaudios.com and the specific item.

    • Upload the videos to Amazon within 30 days after release as well.

    • If Amazon keep rejecting the video in anyway, you have another option. Secure an additional 100 comments on the video on your channel. These comments must come from unique individuals and should specifically discuss the microphone, recording, or sound quality.

    • Once you've achieved this, we can move forward with the second reimbursement.

    • You will keep the mic. We hope to collaborate with those who genuinely need and love the mic, not just for a video.

4. Exit Clause

    • Once reimbursement has been sent, you are expected to complete the procedure. You can withdraw at any time by clicking the refund button on PayPal or sending back the full amount via wire transfer.

    • Individuals who breach the agreement will be added to the list.


5. Additional Information

    • This item DOES NOT come with an XLR Cable or Interface (you'll need to get those separately). If you're not familiar with professional microphones, check out this tutorial for additional guidance .

    • We currently have stock available in Amazon warehouses located in the US, JP, CA, MX, IT, DE, ES, FR, and UK. Please check for delivery availability . If Amazon is unable to deliver the item, unfortunately, we do not have an alternative solution at this time.

    • We retain the right to download or repost the video.

    • You are permitted to use it in a giveaway within the same video for a fortunate viewer who likes, subscribes, and comments on the video to assist them in pursuing voice work. However, please ensure that the recipient truly values its worth. We appreciate Andy Nelson's suggestions.


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