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A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the Talent Moment project, where we come together to create something amazing! Here's a comprehensive guide to help you understand the process, terms, and expectations. We want to make sure this collaboration is smooth, enjoyable, and beneficial for everyone involved.


1. Video Promotion Support

    • If your YouTube video receives over 100 unique comments from different individuals, we will provide a one-time payment of 200 USD as a special promotional fee for your video.

    • Once your video have reached 100 unique comments, kindly inform us. Afterward, we will promptly send you 200 USD.

    • Provide us with your PayPal or bank account information for reimbursement.

    • Upon receiving the payment, allocate it entirely to promote your video and send us the receipt to complete this process. The procedure should be finished within 7 days.

    • Please note that each comment must be from a different individual, and these comments should specifically discuss the microphone, recording, or sound quality.


2. Video Expectations

    • Showcase your unique talent and creativity in your video. Give us a standout moment that captures the essence and emotion of your performance.

    • The video should be recorded using our device.

    • Please include TzAudios in your video title. In the description, add a link to both https://tzaudios.com/ and the specific item.

    • The comment requirements are as follows: 100 comments are required on YouTube, while on other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and YouTube Live, the requirement is 500 comments.

    • These comments must come from unique individuals and should specifically discuss the microphone, recording, or sound quality.


3. Other Projects

    • Associates Program

        Some individuals may want to share this item with friends. We are eager to support them in any way possible. >>more detail

    • Claim Products

        On how to claim the item please check here: >>more detail


We look forward to working with talented and passionate creators like you. Let's make this Talent Moment unforgettable!



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