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We respect everyone and enjoy their unique perspectives of the world as showcased through their videos.

Some people may have speculation about whether we are scammers, but in reality, it's quite the opposite. Due to the scammers we encountered, we have lost a significant amount of time and money, and most importantly, we have lost trust.

Prior to collaborating, we are open to discussing each individual's situation and working together to find suitable solutions.

We recognize that producing an exceptional video can take months, and we're prepared to wait up to a year if necessary.

Vanishing during the collaboration process is discourteous, impolite, and simply not acceptable.

Every time we add a name to this list, we experience disbelief, confusion, disappointment, and frustration. We may even wonder if something has happened to them or if their email has been compromised.

Our goal is to promote world peace and bring together talented individuals to contribute to the community.

For Honor!



@Rehashh   US Tyler Erik Yeager   US
Andrew Lindley   CA @buchikorolin   JP
@AbigailYoungMusic   US @DansMesCordes   NZ
@exclusive_drill   UK @williamkoudawo92   FR
@ZackGrooves   US @VERMILIONGOD   US
cfh media   US Tim Sawyer Vlogs   PH
Alex Gear & Tech   UK Luke   US
Juan Munguia   US Bside Talks Guitar   US
Alex Knickerbocker   US Cole Brandt   US
evacassel   US despitefallacy   US
Ainhoa del Pilar   AU loimusic   DE
Libricide Studios   US Leonardo Metalli   IT
FunkyGeezerShow   US Salvatore Pecoraro   IT
Scarlett   CA pladyパソコンスクール   JP
331Erock   US Kip Hakes   UK
COELTRON Francisco Luna   ES Sidney Mays   US
Crow Graves   US Prince's Friend   US
里ちゅーんchannel   JP Matty   US
SYLEX-B De BRAINBOX   US DylanTalksTone   US
swashin   US Tireless Rocker MTG   CA
パチカゼ   JP きすけ / ガジェットの本音   JP
ミオニ   JP Tech Notice   UK
ryme / ライム   JP スカキャンCH   JP
kajiiの不思議な楽器たち   JP AssH Official   JP
FL Studio Italia Originale   IT neamhan   CA



Revised Mar 01, 2023

Names were added here by mistake? Please contact us with evidence.