People Who Do Not Keep Their Words

We respect every musician and we enjoy their understanding of the world as portrayed by their music.

Before cooperation, we are willing to discuss with each musician for their situation and find the solutions together.

We understand that sometimes a piece of great music can take months, so we can even wait a whole year.

Disappearing while in progress was very unfriendly, rude, and not cool.

Whenever add a single name here, we are filled with disbelief, confusion, disappointment, and frustration. We even wondered if something had happened to them, if their email had been stolen, etc.

We want world peace, and we want to unite more great musicians to contribute to the music community.

Believe in the purity and greatness of music. FAITH!!



Alex Gear & Tech   UK Luke   US
Juan Munguia   US Bside Talks Guitar   US
Alex Knickerbocker   US Cole Brandt   US
evacassel   US despitefallacy   US
Ainhoa del Pilar   AU loimusic   DE
Libricide Studios   US Leonardo Metalli   IT
FunkyGeezerShow   US Salvatore Pecoraro   IT
Scarlett   CA pladyパソコンスクール   JP
331Erock   US Kip Hakes   UK
Tim Sawyer Vlogs   PH
COELTRON Francisco Luna   ES Sidney Mays   US
Crow Graves   US Prince's Friend   US
里ちゅーんchannel   JP Matty   US
SYLEX-B De BRAINBOX   US DylanTalksTone   US
swashin   US Tireless Rocker MTG   CA
パチカゼ   JP きすけ / ガジェットの本音   JP
ミオニ   JP Tech Notice   UK
ryme / ライム   JP スカキャンCH   JP
kajiiの不思議な楽器たち   JP AssH Official   JP
FL Studio Italia Originale   IT neamhan   CA



Revised May 26, 2022

Names were added here by mistake? Please contact us with evidence.