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How to Process

01. How to get the Mic?

    01) Some audiences feel that the mics we send to musicians are specially processed, to reassure them, please buy directly on Amz.

    02) In order to achieve a win-win cooperation, we will run half the payment of the item price after order id, and the next half will be after videos. Please send us your paypal or bank account.

    03) Please search Condenser Microphone in Amz.

    04) Find the item, order from the TZ Audio Distributions shop(see the photo below).

    05) Before that make sure to ask for the discount code from our team.

    06) Please let us know the order ID.

    07) Please note that this item DOES NOT come with any XLR Cable or Interface (you should make them prepared yourself).

    08) Please note that we DO NOT cover the Paypal fee, tax or shipping. Check first if you can afford these costs, specially international shipment.

    09) Please focus on amazing music & melody we don't need review, we need suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper music moment but not others.

    10) More and more platforms are paying attention to copyright issues, so we want you to create some melodies of your own. Or make a second creation based on the original one.

    11) Please post the video within 3 months. In your channel, you would be expected to have the item name in the title of the video, and the link of the item in the description.

    12) You would also be expected to upload the music video to Amz within 30 days of releasing the video.

    13) You will send us the link of the music video after is shown on Amz, if not, then the whole protocol is not yet finished.

    14) You will keep the mic. We hope to cooperate with musicians who truly need and love the mic but not just for a video.

    15) You can withdraw at any time by clicking the refund button on paypal or send back full amount by bank.

    16) We hope to work with someone who has honors. Please read the terms carefully. Once we send out the money you will keep the promise to complete the process or return the full amount. So far we have met these people who do not keep their words.

02. You Play, I Pay.

    With the music you sent, we will post it in our Tiktok account. We will pay you for each video. >>more detail

03. Win 15% commission.

    Some musicians wish to share this item with their friends. We are willing to try our best to encourage them. >>more detail

04. We have distributors in the US, CA, IT, DE, ES, FR, UK, please tell us where you are living then we can figure out the way to help you join this project.

05. We appreciate your contribution to the music community.





How to order through phone



How to order through PC
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