You Play, I Pay

01. This is another project different from the Music Moment one.

02. You will use our mic to record music. We will post them on our tiktok.

03. There might be issues regarding copyright with your music here on the TikTok system, with so they will mute the video, or not allow more views from the public. Therefore, we strongly suggest you create some good melodies yourself.

04. You will be tag as a creator. Send us your tiktok account if you have one.

05. Each video is no less than 30 seconds long.

06. Both you and the microphone must be present in the video.

07. The initial value of each video is 5 USD.

08. Within 24 hours of the video's release, if the number of likes is 1/10 of the number of views, the price of the video is 10 USD.

09. Within 24 hours of the video's release, if the number of the views is less than 300, the price of the video is still 5 USD.

10. Weekly billing on Mondays.

11. We will add an additional $5 for every 1k additional organic views of the video before the next billing date. (for example, before next monday, your video gets 100K views, we will pay you 5+99*5=500USD)

12. The value of each video is capped at 1000 USD.

13. We own the video after payment, you still own the copyright of your melodies.

14. The video you send cannot violate the law, nor can you copy someone else's.

15. At the beginning of the cooperation, let's try 1 or 2 videos first if you agree, in order to make us understand the procedure more clearly.

16. You can send us the videos through BigMailFile or Google Drive.

17. Terms are subject to change as it is in the trial phase, we will let you know if that happend.

18. We also have a 15% commission program if you are interested in it.

19. We will send you the money through your paypal or bank, we don't cover the paypal fee or tax.

20. Any suggestions or different ideas about the terms above, feel free to send us an email, we do need your help to make it cooperate with more musicians.

21. We appreciate your contribution to the music community.

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